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We understand culture is more than a benchmarking exercise. At BOP500, we have a proven track record of pushing culture up the global agenda. Now, we’re sharing 25 years of knowledge, making it accessible to decision makers around the world. 

BOP500 The global index dedicated to cities, culture and the creative economy

Equip yourself for a new cultural geography.

BOP Consulting
Trusted for over 25 years by

"There is a new cultural order in the making across the globe and within cities of all shapes and sizes. BOP500 is for city leaders who want to tap into this huge new opportunity, putting culture at the centre of their plans for a sustainable future."

Paul Owens

Co-Founder and director

Paul is a leading international advisor and practitioner in cultural policy and creative economy. 

"BOP500 breaks new ground as a city-based data and insight service on culture and the creative economy. Unlike existing ‘creative city’ indices, we understand that the 21st century looks different from the 20th, so our coverage is truly global in scale. "

Richard Naylor

Director Research

Richard is a world leading expert in research methodologies for the culture and the creative industries

Launching in Summer 2023, BOP500 is changing the way we think about culture. Register now and be the first in line to preview the first comprehensive index dedicated to culture in the world.

Join a community influencing the way we think about culture... 

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 Inspired with our work with UNESCO and the World Cities Culture Forum, our reach plans to span 500 global cities, granting you access to unparalleled insights into the offerings of the world's cultural centres. Equipped with our reliable metrics and insights from diverse range of cultural indicators, BOP500 will change the way you plan for the future. 

1. Index

Established economies are re-inventing and new ones are emerging and innovating.

Our global coverage of the world's cultural economies offers you the most comprehensive cultural ranking of world cities to date. Providing you with a robust matrix of indicators that evaluate a city's cultural offer, attractiveness and level of innovation, our evolving index ensures you don't get left behind. 

2. Platform

Planning a project? Our dynamic and interactive platform maps cultural assets and resources around the globe.​

Enabling customisable and curated data, we capture the spatial distribution of cultural assets so you don't have to.  Saving you valuable time and resources, we're here to support high level decision making on developments, city planning and business strategy.

3. Insights

Bolstered by 25 years of working with world leading organisations, governments and businesses, we are known for our work on cultural infrastructure. ​

Now we're sharing our expertise with you. We are constantly working to enhance the richness of our data and intelligence, growing our reach across the globe, so we can help you meet challenges head on.​ Gain access to yearly reports and bi-monthly insights from our team of industry leaders, to keep on top of global trends.

We're committed to building better, culturally richer cities

We believe that culture should be treated with the same seriousness as other sectors. That's why we are building the first comprehensive index on culture in the world. With BOP500 equip yourself to make better decisions based on reliable, rigorous data from 500 global cities.

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