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We work with you to plan, design and deliver sustainable cultural projects, demonstrate their impact, and identify opportunities to evolve and grow. 

With a 25-year track record of working globally and across sectors, our rigorous and effective research expertise translates into guidance and recommendations that help you deliver better projects and programmes.

BOP Expertise & Services
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Expertise & Services

We have created a set of tools that give leaders and decision makers an unparalleled understanding of their cultural and creative assets and how to make the most of them across these four major areas. 

Selected clients

For over 25 years, BOP has grown a dynamic global community of interest driven by a belief in the transformational power of culture and the creative industries. We have worked in over 100 countries with clients from international agencies to national and regional government departments, to city Mayors and regeneration bodies, and individual cultural and creative businesses. 

German Federal Foreign Office - BOP Consulting  project
Bloomberg Philanthropies - BOP Consulting  project
Ministry of Culture Saudi Arabia - BOP Consulting  project
Design Council - BOP Consulting  project
European Commission - BOP Consulting  project
Arts Council England - BOP Consulting project
Inter-American Development Bank - IDB - BOP Consulting  project
UNESCO - BOP Consulting  project
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) - BOP Consulting  project
British Council - BOP Consulting  project
Ukie - BOP Consulting  project
Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) - BOP Consulting  project
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