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As part of our broader research offer, BOP has particular expertise in evaluation and impact assessment. 

The transformative power of the CCIs is core to our philosophy and our mission is to provide our clients with the hard evidence of transformation at work.

We have sector-leading capabilities in assessing the economic, social, environmental, and cultural impacts of cultural and creative activities, and our evaluation work takes in major multi-million pound investment programmes in fields as diverse as business and innovation support, philanthropy and fundraising, capital investment, major events, cultural exchange and development, and skills development.

We also guide major foundations, philanthropists, cultural funders, charities, arts and creative organisations to improve and embed an evaluation culture within their work.

Our Approach

Our work is based on clear and proven methods. We invest considerable time at the start of any project to ensure that all internal and external parties understand the purpose of the evaluation, and the intrinsic benefits. Learning and improvement is our priority.

We prefer wherever possible to come on board as partners at the beginning of the process and to build evaluation and learning into the core of any programme


In the post-COVID age, the ability to demonstrate and plan for impact across a whole range of business and policy areas is vital. It is the key to learning from the experience of the pandemic, to plotting a new path forward and aligning investment and programmes with new social and environmental imperatives.

Evaluation and Impact Assessment

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Helping you to demonstrate impact, test new ideas, learn and improve from experience

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