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As an extension of our strategy and policy offer, BOP works closely with organisations, developers, visitor destinations, investors, governments, and regeneration agencies to develop specific projects buildings and districts, often in the context of major regeneration schemes.

We take our clients from concept stage, through feasibility and planning to designing partnerships and delivery structures.

We adopt a similar vision-based approach, but with much more focus on the technical feasibility of the physical and commercial dimensions of the development – and how this fits in with the broader masterplan and the surrounding eco-system.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in our research capabilities and is evidence-based in three important respects. We apply our knowledge of the market for cultural and creative experiences. We bring an understanding of the dynamic of the local creative economy. We base our recommendations on effective practice learned from other developments internationally.

Our approach is highly strategic and aligned with the key social, economic, and environmental goals of the clients and stakeholders. The result is a plan based on rigorous analysis and modelling, that shows income generation and financial sustainability.

We draw on our wider global network of associates and partner organisations to build an integrated project team including working with leading architecture, design, and planning practices, fundraisers, and project managers.


COVID-19 and its aftermath represent a real threat to the business model for physical, place-based cultural projects. We work with clients to meet this challenge, planning in a much more climate intelligent fashion and modelling on different assumptions about cultural consumption and the design of facilities in this light.

Cultural Master Planning

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